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emacspeak and remote machines

Here is what I currently use:

in my case, my laptop gets a different IP address (and host
name ) each time I connect so things get more interesting--

in my .login I evaluate the following lines:

/bin/rm -f  ~/.emacspeak/.current-remote-hostname
set remote=`who am i`
if ( $#remote == 6 ) then
   eval 	set remote=$remote[6]
   echo -n  "$remote" > ~/.emacspeak/.current-remote-hostname
    echo -n  `hostname` > ~/.emacspeak/.current-remote-hostname

The new version of emacspeak-remote.el that I use (not yet
released in 7.0)
examines the contents of the file where the current hostname
is written and then uses this as the default host when

Also, the new emacspeak-remote uses nohup to launch the
speech server, so that guy continues to run even if you kill
the local emacs.

This said, the hack you describe would also be useful to
have around--
you should be able to do it fairly easily.

One more thing I should explain:

I run screen at the remote end and run emacspeak inside
screen --this means that I dont start emacspeak afresh each
time I login --typically I have an emacs session run for ten
to fifteen days--
and this means that the emacs accumulates a lot of state
i.e. what I'm editting, browsing etc.

So when I leave work, I detach the running screen, and from
home I reattach the running screen and have the running
emacspeak simply connect to the speech server running on the

So in summary, if you haven't used screen, you should start
using it-- I've been using it since 1991 and it's

Once you have this set up you like me will not want to start
emacspeak each time you login.

Best Regards,

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