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Re: Problems with Emacspeak--More Transcripts

Bryan Smart writes:

>Well, no rplies from you or anyone else.  Does that mean you all are
>at an absolute loss for a fix?  As not even starting over from
>scratch provides a solution, I have no idea with regards as to how to

Is this the problem you mean?:

>When launching Emacs after configuring, the Compile Log appears and
>*** yes-no-p called with one arguement, but requires two.

If so, then I cannot help much.  emacs 19.34.1 has no such function.
It does have one called yes-or-no-p, which is called with one
argument.  (You can see the documentation by typing C-h d yes-or-no-p.)
That's about as far as I can go, since I am not an elisp programmer.

>Could you suggest another group with whom I could enquire?

Dr. Raman should be able to help.  I am sending a copy of this to the
emacspeak list, which he monitors.  I suspect he will need some more
information, though - such as:

What version of emacs are you using?  I compiled the .rpm with
19.34.1.  I believe emacs 20 is supposed to work with .elc files
compiled by earlier versions, but maybe there are exceptions.  

Does emacs crash after displaying the error message, or does it
continue to work?  Does it speak?

                             - Jim Van Zandt

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