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Re: Problems with Emacspeak--More Transcripts

At 12:35 PM 2/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Bryan Smart writes:
>>Well, no rplies from you or anyone else.  Does that mean you all are
>>at an absolute loss for a fix?  As not even starting over from
>Is this the problem you mean?:
>>When launching Emacs after configuring, the Compile Log appears and
>>*** yes-no-p called with one arguement, but requires two.

That is one problem, but I mentioned it as I felt that it was most likely
indicative of the cause behind the larger difficulty.

Here is a quick recap of my problems with Emacspeak.  I'm hoping someone on
here will have a clue as to what to do.

First, a note as to what is happening.

While running Emacspeak, many key bindings fail to operate.  In particular,
the c-x c-c sequence, the c-x c-b sequence, and others.  The messages
window shows messages like the following.

Messages concerning bad calls to functions like char-table (or similar)

Reports of missing key bindings.

I'm using....

RedHat 5.0
Emacs 20.2 (sometimes the screens say 20.2.1)
Emacspeak 7.0

I've gone as far as to completely re-install the RedHat system, but the
problems persist.  There are no errors which are visible on the boot screen
or in the logs.

Possibly related is the fact that the Emacspeak compile generates several
errors.  I'm told that these are not worthy of concern, but will repost the
output of the compile at the end of this message for reference.

Attempting to skip over this bug, I've tried Jim's Emacspeak RPM package
with both versions 19.34 and 20.2 of Emacs.  The errors persist.  I've even
tried going back to Emacs 19.34 and Emacspeak 6.0 (which worked under
RedHat 4.2), but the errors are present in this configuration as well.  In
addition, in the case of Emacs 19.34 and Emacspeak 6, Emacspeak makes
several references to missing libraries.  Note that none of the key
bindings present any problems, in either version of Emacs, when ran with
out Emacspeak.

I've heard of other RH5 users who have supposedly installed Emacspeak with
no difficulties.  So, I'm wondering what it is that I'm doing (or failing
to do).

Thanks, everyone.


Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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