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Changing Emacspeak Defaults

Hey everyone.

I'm wondering what is the best way to change Emacspeak defaults for things
such as speech rate, default punctuation mode, etc.  Previously, I'd just
edited emacspeak-setup.el and changed the dtk-start-speechrate (or whatever
the var is called), but I realize that this probably isn't the prefered
way.  Also, several users on the same system won't be able to maintain
different settings for Emacspeak.  I'm not so worried about differentiating
user settings, but thought that there probably is a better solution than
modifying the lisp files.  Also, if these options can be set with
environment variables or similar, is there an online list of all of these?

Keep in mind that while I do have a fair amount of computing experience,
I'm not an ELISP programmer, so if you include examples, an explanation of
what they do would be useful.


Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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