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Changing Emacspeak Defaults - a short answer

If you are already making the changes you discribe, then you know
almost enough.

In sted of putting those lines that you changed to modify default
rate, punctuation mode etc. in the emacspeak-setup.el, just put them
in your .emacs file.  ".emacs" is a file in your home directory that
is loaded by emacs when it starts.  It is the place to do personal

My .emacs file contains lots of customisations,  here are a few lines: 

(setq dtk-default-speech-rate 380 )
(defun emacspeak-speak-time ()
  "Speak the time. "
  (dtk-speak  (format-time-string "%A %B %e, %I %M %p" (current-time) )))

I include the function emacspeak-speak-time here because I want to
show you that your .emacs can redefine variables, fuctions, just about
anything about your emacs session.

Hope this helps,

 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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