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Emacspeak speech server for TCL 7.5 and TCL 8.0

I have updated the Emacspeak speech server code to work with
TCL 7.5 and TCL 8.0 
(also works with TCL 7.4).
This version should also work with releases of TCL between
7.5 and 8.0,
but I have excluded support for those versions because I
have not tested them.

Appended below is the README file that accompanies the
release.  The release can be picked up from:


Release: Emacspeak speech server scripts updated for TCL 7.5
        and TCL 8.0

Release Date:   February 23, 1998.

Release Expires:    May 1, 1998 or release of Emacspeak 8.0
                    whichever is earlier.

Files:  dtk-exp dtk-mv speech-server

You need this release *only* if you are running Emacspeak
7.0 and tcl 7.5 or later.

Best Regards,

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