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terminal mode troubles

Hello all!

I've written of this before, done some reading, and still can't get
Emacs's "terminal mode" to work correctly.  What happens is this:

I start eterm with 'm-x term ret'.  The first time through, I get aome
error involving some symbol's function definition.  When starting it
again, eterm prompts for the program to run, with default '/bin/bash',
which I accept.  The shell prompt is never spoken, but I think it's
ready for input.  Next, I type the name of a program to run, usually
'pine', 'tin', or 'lynx'.  Once I do this, I enter 'character mode'.
In the message or group selection modes of both tin and pine, the
emacs terminal mode is unable to track the cursor.  Whenever I use
the 'next' or 'previous' command, the word "space" is spoken.  When
doing 'c-t .', speak cursor location, the cursor is never shown to
have moved.  Incidentally, I can track the lynx cursor fine.

If I log into my linux box with a remote computer as a terminal, all
these programs work as I expect, so, I don't think it's my "curses" or
terminal emulation in general.  What should I check in emacspeak's
term-mode or emacs's term-mode to make this work correctly?  There are
times I'd like to be able to run programs like 'tin', it's faster than
gnus, anyway:).  Also, there are web pages that W3 cannot read, that
lynx can.  Any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,
Dave Hunt  <dave@dahunt.tiac.net
wx1g  617-923-2407  781-932-2000

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