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Re: Minicom and emacspeak

> Will,
> Thanks for the response.
> I have emacspeak installed on my linux machine.
> I really want to get some communications program working
> so that I can telephone in to a main frame computer.
> I have tried minicom from the shell,
> from term, and from terminal.
> In none of these situations does it talk enough for me to make it work.
> I probably just don't know enough about emacs and emacspeak yet.
> I have also tried using kermit, with somewhat more
> success, but it's not easy or perfect either.
> Do you use a communications program you like?
> Thanks for whatever advice you can give.

I have the following in my ~/.bashrc
--cut here--
 if [ -n "$TERM" -a "$TERM" = "eterm" ] ; then
 export TERM=vt100
--cut here--

which makes the TERM environment variable get set to vt100 when I use
`term'. This generally makes programs happier than the `eterm' that
emacs gives.

Also, I am on a university network and have access to the internet
directly so i do not use a communications program. Occasionally I use
telnet from with a *terminal* buffer. Do you have ppp set up on your
box? If not, you might look into it--you could then simply use telnet
to call your mainframe.

What versions are you using:

emacspeak? (and do you have the latest server updates)
linux? (distribution/version as opposed to uname-a)

Here is the relavant node from the emacs info pages on the interactive

* Interactive Shell::	Permanent shell taking input via Emacs.

For information on `term', do C-h f term <ret>

I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.


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