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emacspeak & audio icons

I have been using emacspeak for 1 year and I love it.  It got me
through college and without it I would not be able to work on my sun
workstation at work.  Compared with JFW and other screen readers, it's
so much more rebust and dependable.
I use emacspeak at home on a linux system and at work on a sparc 5
running solaris.  Getting audio icons to work in my linux system was
trivial; however, I haven't got audio icons to work at
work. Interestingly enough, the play script works when I explicitly
play a sound file in the sounds subdirectory of emacspeak.    

When I looked at the emacspeak-sounds.el, I found the following
comment; is this what I need to do?
(defvar emacspeak-play-args ""
Note: on sparc20's there is a sunos bug that causes the machine to crash if
you attempt to play sound when /dev/audio is busy.
It's imperative that you use the -i flag to play on sparc20's."

Do I just set the variable emacspeak-play-args to "-i" and re-run the
emacspeak Makefile?

I enjoy the icons so much at home that I'd get a kick out of havving
them at work.


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