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emacspeak 8 questions.

hi all,

i've got two questions:

in emacspeak 8, the c-e n command exhibits new behaviour.  when you
use c-e n you now here beeps before the text is spoken, and the c-e p
command (paus) doesn't work in my installation.  has this key moved or

the next question isn't specific to emacspeak 8, but something that's been bugging me for a while.

when reading mail using vm, when you hit space from the summary buffer
to reveal the text of the message, emacspeak won't read the text.  the
only way i've found of getting it to read the text is to hit c-x, you
don't have to finish the command, c-x is enough, i usually cancel this
half command by a c-g after emacspeak has read the text.  sometimes
(for no reason that i can explain) emacspeak works correctly and reads
the text when you hit space.  has anyone seen this behaviour o=and or
know a fix for it?


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