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emacspeak 8 questions.

Well, since this is partly my fault, I'll see if I can save
Raman some keystrokes...

The beeping is the result of a request I made.  I have no audio card
and no option for one on two of the systems I regularly use emacspeak
from.  So I have no audio icons. I regularly read large buffers and I
found it disconcerting not to have any feedback while the buffer is
broken up in to clauses before you start getting speech.  This feature
addresses that by providing beeps as the buffer is processed.

The C-e p problem you are having may also be audio icon related.  C-e
p behaves a little differently now as it does not pause speech if
there is already paused speech to be resumed, instead is sends and
audio icon.  Since many messages pause speech before being spoken, it
is likely that there is paused speech that you may be unaware of. Try
C-u C-e p which will flush all paused speech and then pause speech.  I
also had problems with this at first that only went away with
upgrading TCL and rebuilding emacspeak, but most likely (if you have
upgraded your box in the past 3 years unlike me) C-u C-e p will do the
trick.  If it doesn't write me privately and if we track it down we
can then post the solution to the list.


 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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