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Re: forwarded message about problems with emacspeak

Hi Cj,

It's not *broken*.  One of the things you get for
your $1000 is an upgradable eprom.  This is a real benefit.
Upgrading the firmware is not uncommon or difficult.  Check out


Upgrading is free!  You'll love it!  Have fun...

>>>>> "Cj" == Cj Bowman <cjb@u.washington.edu> writes:

  Cj> Our dectalk express works fine with Jaws under Windows95.  Are
  Cj> you sure it is still a problem with bad dectalk firmware?  I
  Cj> just want to make sure we are fixing something that actually IS
  Cj> broken. :) (after all, it IS an over $1000 piece of hardware
  Cj> <smile> )

  Cj> Thanks much!  Cj

Brian L. Sellden - brian@henge.com, brians@usa.net
User of Emacspeak 7.0,  making Unix talk.
	      What on earth would a man do with himself
		if something did not stand in his way?
		-- H.G. Wells

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