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Problems with the set-mark-command

I've been having trouble with the set-mark-command.  When I type Ctrl-space,
I'll here the current line spoken.  If I move down the file with the Ctrl-n
and then type Ctrl-w, all I hear is a beep from my workstation speaker.  The
*Messages* buffer only contains the message:

Error: The mark is not set now

I get the same behavior when I use the command ad-Orig-set-mark-command,
except the current line isn't spoken.  When I log in remotely, using Screen
Reader/2 on a PC, Emacs works as expected.

I'm runnint Emacs 20.2 on a RS/6000 running AIX 4.3.1.  I'm using TCL version

This doesn't seem like much information to go on.  Is there anything I can do
to get more information?

I've been using Emacspeak since December 1997, and I'm very happy and
excited!  I've been an Emacs user since I first started working on AIX in
1993, and the Emacspeak interface makes working in Emacs and Unix so much
more efficient.

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