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Re: Reading articles in GNUS

You wrote:
Hitting right arrow in the summary buffer is how I read news
with gnus, and I happen to like the current behavior.

You sound annoyed.  I hope that you did not take my comments with regards to your preferences in software usage to be criticism.

Thanks for taking the time to answer this, as well as other of my questions.  I don't know how much thank you notes/fan mail you receive with regards to Emacspeak, but I'm sure it isn ot enough.  As a student, I have a hard time accumulating enough to pay the incredibly high prices for other access solutions (such as those for Windows $800-$1500).  And as a CS student, I'm beginning to feel more productive than I have in years.

I spent my early teens coding assembler and C on my Apple, where we had a mostly text interface (although a GUI was available).  Since I purchased my first GUI based system, a Mac Powerbook, in 1994, I've noticed myself gradually loosing my edge.  I've been so mired in learning how to program for a GUI, while using poor and/or cumbersome GUI screen readers to operate developement tools that were designed with non-standard GUI interfaces, that I've made little progress in actual coding.  I spent most of my time trying to find something that could meet my needs while often sacrifising features, or else spent countless hours coding scripts and macros in an attempt to make the previously mentioned developement apps function.  I couldn't get out from under the access barrier long enough to be competative.

I've used Unix to some extent for nearly six years, but have never had to go as far into things as I have during the last several months.  It is a large task to move in to Emacspeak.  It is hard to learn Emacs and Emacspeak at the same time.  Plus, you're trying to scoop up tid bits of LISP, learning things you didn't previously need to know about Linux, etc.

Anyway, I was not planning to take up your time with an essay length e-mail.  I just wanted to at least thank you for making Emacspeak freely available (something that is unheard of in the Wintel access area), but even more, I wanted to thank you for what it is allowing me to do.
Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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