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Re: Problems with W3 and eterm

The problem is that this user has not installed W3 and
emacspeak correctly --
see his mention of "emacspeak says you are using an old w3"

emacspeak checks to see if the W3 version that is being used
is current by looking for library w3-speak (part of the W3
and that library sets everything up correctly.

I suspect that emacs is still finding an old W3 install even
though the guy thinks he upgraded it.
William M. Perry writes:
 > Cj Bowman <cjb@u.washington.edu> writes:
 > > I have been trying to setup Emacspeak for awhile and seem to have it
 > > functional preety well.  However, I have not had much luck getting W3 and
 > > eterm to function to the point of being usefull.
 > > 
 > > On W3, when you use the "n" key to go to the next link, it doesn't speak
 > > the text description of the link, it speaks the actual http:// address,
 > > which doesn't really help someone looking for a specific link.
 >   Set the variable w3-echo-link - this should be a list of things to try.
 > What you probably want is:
 > (setq w3-echo-link '(title text url name))
 > Which will show the 'TITLE' attribute of the link if there is one (fairly
 > rare), then the text of the link if it can be determined (should not ever
 > fail).  If for some reason it does fail, then it will echo the URL like
 > what you are seeing now.
 > > I have searched for an option to change this behavior but haven't been
 > > able to find one.  Also, on startup of W3, it says "this appears to be an
 > > older version of W3 that is no longer supported by Emacspeak", however, I
 > > have downloaded and installed the newest release version of W3 available.
 >   You should download the 'beta' of 4.0 - This is actually more stable in a 
 > lot of ways than 2.x.
 > -Bill P.
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