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Emacs, Eterm, and Emacspeak

Ricki Voyles writes:
 >    Hello, all.  I've recently installed Slakware 3.0.4 on my new machine.
 > Unfortunately, I encountered the same problem I had on my old linux box.  
 >    I installed gnu emacs 20.2 and emacspeak 8.0.  When I pressed ctrl-e
 > ctrl-r to run the command emacspeak-eterm-remote-term, I was given the
 > error: unable to open tshell. 
tshell used to be part of the eterm package
and once upon a time you had to pull eterm and install it
After emacs 19.29 eterm was integrated into emacs as term.el
--but the maintainers of emacs chose not to include
tshell.el  which went with term.el in the eterm package.

For what you are trying to do,
simply launch term as 
M-x term
-- rather than using the emacspeak shortcut c-e c-r
and all should be well.
 >    I have discovered that tshell is a part of eterm, and I assumed that
 > eterm was part of emacs.  However, it was not included in the package I
 > installed.  Can anyone tell me the relationship between eterm and emacs? 
 > Thanks in advance. 
 > Ricki
 > P.S.  My primary objective  is to be able to telnet in to a bash shell from
 > emacs and have speech there.  Am I going about this the
 > right way?     

above statement "telnet to a bash shell" doesn't quite make
sense.  What you are doing makes sense only if you intend to
telnet into another machine or run programs that need a
terminal like vi if all you want is a bash shell for doing
ls and such just use M-x shell

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