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[kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp: trouble: `process speaker is not running']

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  I'm a new user of emacspeak and installing it now.
I successfully `make config' `make' and `make install'.
But when I started it with `emacspeak' command, It complains 
`process speaker is not running'
  Then I executed emacs with `emacs -q' and evaluated 
(load-library "emacspeak-setup)
in *scratch* buffer and got the same result.
  The environment is:
machine: sun sparc station ultra 30
os: solaris 2.6
emacs: emacs 20.2.96 (beta of 20.3)
emacspeak: emacspeak-8.0
tclX: tclX 8.0.2
voice: dectalk express

  When I test the command `tcl dtk-exp' and it works.
(DECTALK does speak with tts_speak command)

  Does anyone know what I should do with this?
Are there something to check?

                              Koichi Inoue, Ricoh co. ltd.
                              e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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