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W3 lockups

I have not noticed any traffic on the w3 lists about this, and wondered if any other Emacspeak users are experiencing any of these?

The hangs often occur on pages that use multiple frames.  The multiframe pages don't necessarily generate the hang, but, after visiting one of these, a hang is rarely more than a link away.

Also, and this is unrelated, but I seem to remember that w3 used to, when presented with a multiframe page, present a buffer with links to each of the frames.  This buffer still appears in 4.0-pre23, but all of the frames are automagically opened.  I searched through the info documentation for a variable to control this feature, but didn't see one.  Any ideas?  It is easy to experience information overload when I encounter a page that wants to automatically open nine buffers worth of web page at once.

Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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