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Re: Realaudio from Emacspeak

Raman writes:
>This causes a problem if the user has auditory icons turned
>off,  but does in fact have a sound card that can play
>realaudio --
>the reason I left things as they are is that I regarded the
>above combination to be rare i.e. 
>if someone can play realaudio he probably has a sound card
>and therefore probably uses auditory icons.

I find auditory icons useful, but often leave them disabled in order to free up my audio hardware.  Many audio programs seem to access the hardware by dumping the data streight to the device.  When using sound, auditory icons may chop off another sound, or vice versa.  I know there are workarounds, but I'm lazy.

Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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