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No Subject

> It's hard to trouble-shoot this kind of problem through email.
> I'll just list some things to make sure you've done.

I see it is.
Thank you for listing some points to check.

> 1)  Mkae sure the permissions on the serial device are correct.
> 2)  Make sure you have the variables DTK_PORT and DTK_PROGRAM
>   set to the proper values.

Oh, they were OK.
But the result doesn't change.
One of solaris or tcl8.0P2 is not supported?
I have tclX 8.0 on tcl8.0p2 and tk8.0p2.

Is there any way to determin when the process `speaker' dies?

                              Koichi Inoue, Ricoh co. ltd.
                              e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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