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The percent prompt (%) appears and Dectalk speaks and says the usual
greeting. Now here's the problem:

When I type, nothing appears on the screen.
The test command suggested by Raman in the emacspeak's Makefile
dectalk_speak {this is a test. }
results in
Error: invalid command name "dectalk_speak"
and the tcl prompt moves to middle of the screen.

I tested tcl with dtk-exp from emacspeak-6.0. The result
is interesting. I get the tcl prompt and dectalk speaks and says
the greeting but when I type
dectalk_speak {test. }
it reads the text inside the brases and doesn't complain about invalid
command. Still the command doesn't show up on the screen.

Here more information about the system:

uname: SunOS 5.6 Generic i86pc i386 i86pc
emacs: emacs-20.2 (not installed locally; it is installed on one of
       the servers in our LAN)

I really appreciate any help.

I have also a question regarding the w3 package:
What's the latest stable version of w3 and where I can download it?

Thank you very much.


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