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getting rubbish out of ergo-braille and dtk-accent

Peter -

I suggest you try my emacspeak-ss package which is at the blinux ftp
site, at ftp://leb.net/pub/blinux/emacspeak/blinux, and on my web
page, http://www.mv.com/ipusers/vanzandt.  It includes an accent
server which will also support emacspeak-8.0.  (I have not built a
Debian package yet.)

The emacspeak-ss package includes a script find-ss to help figure out
which port the device is connect to.  The device does have to expect
9600 N 8 1 with software handshake, though.

Yes, you can use stty to change the parameters of any port, by
redirecting its stdin.  That's what the find-ss script and the server

Small point: the environment variable is DTK_PROGRAM rather than
DTK-PROGRAM.  Could that be part of the problem?

                                - Jim Van Zandt

>To: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
>Subject: getting rubbish out of ergo-braille and dtk-accent
>Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 03:33:38 -0400
>I'm not sure whether I should be sending this to the list or Jack
>Well did I have a fun week-end ... various computer failures meant it
>was finally time to get emacspeak working.  This is from the packages
>on a debian release (emacspeak 7.0 I think) and xemacs and the accent
>driver.  tcl, by the way, looks like a really nice package.  Anyway
>after various adventures like forgetting the root password (how
>embarrassing) and finally attaching my artic ergo-braille to what I
>hope is /dev/ttyS0 I exported DTK-PROGRAM as dtk-accent and typed the
>tcl dtk-accent
>in the relevant directory.  There issued forth a stream of nonsense.
>So it sounds like it's trying to send things to the right port which I
>guess is better than nothing.  Also sounds like one or more  serial
>parameter is botched.   I'm using an Artic ergo-braille which claims
>to emulate an accent.  I've mucked about with the various available
>parameters to no end.  I'm not so sure how to do this at the Linux
>end.  If it's my own terminal then stty does the trick but can I do
>that with a device to which I'm not connected? I notice the tcl script
>trying something like this.  
>the last straw came when we tried to reboot the system in Win95 for my
>wife to use.  No mouse, not a happy woman.  Curiously the mouse was
>connected to what Windows thinks is com3, when we switched it back to
>com1 (with which I'd been playing) all was sweetness and light.  So,
>has linux been playing with the port settings and can I stop or
>control it?  Am I missing something obvious in the instalation
>process?  Has it really been five years since I last administered a
>Unix system?  
>any help on most of the abov much appreciated
>Peter Rayner (more confused than he expected to be)
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