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[pjr@vortex.shm.monash.edu.au: getting rubbish out of ergo-braille and dtk-accent]

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I'm not sure whether I should be sending this to the list or Jack
Well did I have a fun week-end ... various computer failures meant it
was finally time to get emacspeak working.  This is from the packages
on a debian release (emacspeak 7.0 I think) and xemacs and the accent
driver.  tcl, by the way, looks like a really nice package.  Anyway
after various adventures like forgetting the root password (how
embarrassing) and finally attaching my artic ergo-braille to what I
hope is /dev/ttyS0 I exported DTK-PROGRAM as dtk-accent and typed the
tcl dtk-accent
in the relevant directory.  There issued forth a stream of nonsense.
So it sounds like it's trying to send things to the right port which I
guess is better than nothing.  Also sounds like one or more  serial
parameter is botched.   I'm using an Artic ergo-braille which claims
to emulate an accent.  I've mucked about with the various available
parameters to no end.  I'm not so sure how to do this at the Linux
end.  If it's my own terminal then stty does the trick but can I do
that with a device to which I'm not connected? I notice the tcl script
trying something like this.  

the last straw came when we tried to reboot the system in Win95 for my
wife to use.  No mouse, not a happy woman.  Curiously the mouse was
connected to what Windows thinks is com3, when we switched it back to
com1 (with which I'd been playing) all was sweetness and light.  So,
has linux been playing with the port settings and can I stop or
control it?  Am I missing something obvious in the instalation
process?  Has it really been five years since I last administered a
Unix system?  
any help on most of the abov much appreciated
Peter Rayner (more confused than he expected to be)

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 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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