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Further Emacspeak oddities

Jason White writes:
In general, if emacs hits an error and you dont get to hear
the message because it went by too quickly here is what you
should do:

1) Switch to the *Messages* buffer and see if you see the
message there. 99% of the time it will be there.

2) If some portion of emacs or an emacs application throws
an error without leaving an appropriate message in the
*Messages* buffer,
then turn on emacs' debugging 
facility by 
M-x set-variable ret
debug-on-error ret
t ret
this sets debugon-on-error to true 
now repeat what caused the error you will be placed in a
backtrace buffer.

Warning: do not read the entire contents of the backtrace
buffer at one shot with emacspeak go line by line.

Re: custom 

The error behavior you report appears to be custom specific
and not emacspeak specific.

I would not recommend using custom unless you are running
emacs 20.

otherwise just do the settings in your .emacs.


 > Before describing the anomalies which I encountered today, I wish to
 > emphasize the excellence of the rendering generated by Emacspeak,
 > particularly of structured content, in contrast to those of a screen
 > reader. The following difficulties are probably due, in large part, to my
 > own lack of experience with the software.
 > 1. I entered the Emacs "customize" mode and made changes to one of the
 > buffers, in accordance with the documentation. The options were all set,
 > and this fact was reflected in their respective status lines. I then
 > selected the "save for future sessions" push button. The system beeped,
 > and an error message, "Incorrect Read Syntax" (or similar) was displayed
 > on the screen, but not reported by Emacspeak (I arranged for someone to
 > read the screen in this instance).
 > 2. I attempted to execute emacspeak-custom.elc but the system beeped, as
 > though it could not find the file. The same result occurred when I
 > specified the full path, namely
 > /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/emacspeak-custom.el
 > Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.
 > Incidentally, shell mode works well, as does the M-X, MAN command, thanks
 > to your advice earlier this week.
 > Regards,
 > Jason.
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