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Further Emacspeak oddities

Before describing the anomalies which I encountered today, I wish to
emphasize the excellence of the rendering generated by Emacspeak,
particularly of structured content, in contrast to those of a screen
reader. The following difficulties are probably due, in large part, to my
own lack of experience with the software.

1. I entered the Emacs "customize" mode and made changes to one of the
buffers, in accordance with the documentation. The options were all set,
and this fact was reflected in their respective status lines. I then
selected the "save for future sessions" push button. The system beeped,
and an error message, "Incorrect Read Syntax" (or similar) was displayed
on the screen, but not reported by Emacspeak (I arranged for someone to
read the screen in this instance).

2. I attempted to execute emacspeak-custom.elc but the system beeped, as
though it could not find the file. The same result occurred when I
specified the full path, namely

Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.

Incidentally, shell mode works well, as does the M-X, MAN command, thanks
to your advice earlier this week.



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