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Re: Further Emacspeak oddities

I tried the same "customize" procedure with the debug-on-error variable
set. At the top of the debug buffer was the relevant error: signalled
invalid-read-syntax "."

This error occured after I had modified the "basic editing" customization
group and selected "save for future sessions". I suspect that it is an
Emacs problem rather than an Emacspeak problem. The version of Emacs is

Also, I would like to ascertain how to configure Emacspeak's speech
settings permanently, presumably by including code in the .emacs file.
There is a hook documented in the Emacspeak manual which allows functions
to be called after starting the speech server. I assume that the correct
approach is to use the ADHOOK function in the .emacs file to include the
relevant function calls that set the speech parameters. Unfortunately, the
basic documentation included in the Emacs manual does not make clear how
to include numeric arguments in the function calls specified by the
add-hool statement. At some stage I will retrieve the Emacs Lisp
documentation and try to find the relevant sections.

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