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emacspeak-ss-0.4: Speech servers for emacspeak

I have uploaded to the blinux ftp site:

	emacspeak-ss-0.5.tar.gz 39481 bytes

This release adds an experimental server for the Apollo 2 synthesizer.
There are no changes to the other servers.

Here are three paragraphs from the file README.apollo:
   The apollo server is designed to support the following Dolphin series
   2 speech synthesizers: Apollo 2, JUNO, and JUNO-sp.  The synthesizer
   must be connected to a serial port, and be set for 9600 n 8 1 (the
   factory default).
   The server for the Apollo 2 is highly experimental.  The Apollo does
   not implement indexing the same way as the DECtalk and Doubletalk, so
   the usual Emacspeak interface method cannot be used.  The current
   method (which does not use indexing at all) is a first attempt.  The
   effect apparently is that text following a voice change is lost.  
   I would appreciate any feedback.  In particular, I am interested in
   knowing the actual speech rates corresponding to the various @Wd
   commands.  The manual says that @W1 corresponds to 80 wpm, and @W9
   corresponds to 580 wpm.  I would like to know the rest of the speeds.
   If anyone can pursuade the Apollo to do indexing the way the DECtalk
   and DoubleTalk do (writing something back when the index is reached),
   or can adapt Emacspeak to use the Apollo style feedback (which
   requires active queries), please let me know.

This package has servers for four systhesizers under emacspeak:
1) DoubleTalk PC and LT from R. C. Systems <http://www.rcsys.com/>
2) Braille 'n Speak, Type 'n Speak, and Braille Lite from Blazie
Engineering <http://www.blazie.com>
3) Accent SA
4) Apollo 2 from Dolphin (experimental)

You can access the Blinux FTP archive through:
You'll find the package in the  blinux/emacspeak/blinux/ directory

                            - Jim Van Zandt

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