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Octal characters

This problem has occurred quite often lately, and I'm wondering if
there is something that I can do about it, since it is becoming a
serious annoyance.

Whenever Emacspeak reads certain strings, most notably some with octal
characters, the Dectalk locks up completely and must be powered off,
turned back on and then reset. This would not normlly be a problem,
except for the fact that these octal characters surface quite often in
web pages. See http://www.nureality.com/index-main.html for an example
of this. Near the bottom of the page, the Dectalk completely freezes
up for me, and to get the content I am required to arrow, character by
character across the line. For some reason, the octal character can be
pronounced, but if both the character and ASCII are sent in the same
string to the Dectalk, the lockup occurs.

My question is, is there some way that I can filter octal characters
from documents? I seem to remember several months backk when someone
pointed out that octal characters hold special significance to the
Dectalk internally, or something similar. Furthermore, is there some
other work-around that I may be missing? This appears to be a
hardware-specific problem, but I'd like to try and resolve it, if at
all possible, so that it does not re-occur.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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