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Getting emacspeak to work, help please?

OK, here's my story.
I'm running slackware 3.5, umsdos, from the zipslack package.  emacs 20.2,
emacspeak 8.0?, 1 I think, and the combined doubletalk, brialle 'n speak,
accent server from Jim Vanzandt, sorry for any mispellings.
However, just to check if it was a server problem, I ran emacspeak, the
script, with the server set to dtk-exp, and it gave me the same error with
it too.  I'm running with an accent SA hooked to com1, or /dev/ttyS0, if
you like.
When I run the emacspeak script, I get the speech message, and then when
emacs starts, I stops with the following error:  variable binding depth
exceeds max-specpdl-size
If I try to hit cx-cc to exit, I get more messages, which unfortunately I
don't have memorized, but it looks like they're keyboard things for the
speech server.  Anyway, if somebody could help me solve this, I'd
appreciate it greatly.

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