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Re: Editing system files from within Emacs

One thing I'll do is use ange-ftp.  For example, I'll enter

    C-x C-f /root@chaltain:/etc/exports Ret
    RootPassWord Ret

where `chaltain' is my own system and `RootPassWord' is the root password on `chaltain'.

>>>>> "JW" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:

JW> Recently, I have confronted the problem of how best to edit system files
JW> while logged in as an ordinary user and working via Emacspeak. My solution
JW> involves visiting the relevant directory in shell mode, becoming the super
JW> user, changing the ownership of the file temporarily from "root" to my
JW> login name, editing the file in Emacs (with find-file: c-x, c-f) and then,
JW> after having saved the file, changing its ownership back to "root". I also
JW> tried running Emacs from an eterm buffer, but the cursor keys did not
JW> operate correctly and editing text was not very convenient.

JW> Has anyone devised a better approach than those outlined above?

JW> Jason.

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