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Some emacspeak questions.

It's finally working! ... sort of.
I get little feedback, actually none, well it will read the letters I
type, that's it, nothing from the screen.   I'm using the
accent/doubletalk/BNS combined server, so Jim, if you read this list ...
please feel free to mail away, it seems to have some problems, I haven't
tried it with the doubletalk yet.
I do hae a question though.  If I hit m-x, and type term, run bash, it
runs, still no speech feedback, but if I type exit, I get stuck in the
term buffer, and cx-anything doesn't work, I can't exit emacs, I can't do
anything.  Anybody know what the deal is with that?
oh, the solution seems to have been, run the X binary, not nox.

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