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Got it working.

Well, it works with the doubletalk.  Now I've got a bunch of questions.
1.  How do I get term to read what comes up on the screen automatically,
so if I type pwd, and I'm in /root, it'll say /root?
  2.  How do I get term to stop echoing chars?  I've used ce-d k, but even
though it says char echo is toggled off, if I type pwd, it still says pwd
as I'm typing it.
3.  How do I get to the info docs for emacspeak?  ch-i doesn't seem to get
me anywhere useful, just the normal info docs.
4.  Still wondering about the problem when I exit bash from term, it
complains that "buffer has no process" and I can't really do anything
after that.
Umm ... basically if anybody can give me a crash course in the most useful
emacs commands, I'd be grateful.  Not really for editting, I'm planning on
using term with bash for now, but buffer manipulation, windows, switching
back to scratch or somewhere from help, getting around in help ... that
kind of thing.  I've read the tutorial several times, and I think I've got
that down, but quite frankly it's not terribly useful.

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