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OK, working from inside emacs.

How do I:
Get connected to the internet with dip?  right now I use dip ppp from the
Telnet, ftp, www, irc, whois, finger, ping, the whole host of internet
things?  How do I do them from inside emacs?
I assume any shell things, mounting and unmounting, etc., I just do with
shell ,and specify the mount or whatever instead of bin/bash?
How aobut read man pages?  
Oh, could somebody give me basic key commands with any of this too, or
give me the help thing to get them?  I've browsed the contents of the
emacs info docs, and I didn't see most of this .. well there's gnews or
gnus or whatever and rmail, but nothing on ftp, telnet, etc., not even
anything on term, which I was looking for to get all the keybindings for

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