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Telnet and Mud's

I code for a commercial mud (Multi User dungeon)  I have recently stopped
using my Dos box to telnet into Linux and have went to windows 95 and
Linux on my laptop.  I use emacspeak but am still an newbie at emacs.
What I am wondering is what is the best method for me to use Emacspeak and
emacs to telnet into another server and code on it.   At the same time I
want to be able to telnet into the game and be able to administrate online
stuff.  The server is just a standard port 23 and the game is port 4242.
for those of you who want to see what I am trying to log onto you are
welcome to come check it out yourself at valhalla.com 4242.  I was able to
telnet to the server using m-x term but it was very slow in response when
I typed and it didn't read the stuff as it came from the remote server.  

Well I hope I have explained this well enough and I would like to thank
Jason White for giving me the Emacspeak emailing list again after I so
stupidly lost it.

Ken /whislter

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