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Re: Telnet and Mud's

I code for a commercial mud (Multi User dungeon)  I have recently stopped
using my Dos box to telnet into Linux and have went to windows 95 and
Linux on my laptop.  I use emacspeak but am still an newbie at emacs.
What I am wondering is what is the best method for me to use Emacspeak and
emacs to telnet into another server and code on it.   At the same time I
want to be able to telnet into the game and be able to administrate online
stuff.  The server is just a standard port 23 and the game is port 4242.
for those of you who want to see what I am trying to log onto you are
welcome to come check it out yourself at valhalla.com 4242.  I was able to
telnet to the server using m-x term but it was very slow in response when
I typed and it didn't read the stuff as it came from the remote server.  

Two options come to mind:

1. Use M-x telnet.

2. Use the mud.el client for emacs. There are probably numerous
   versions of this floating around. The one I've used, and thought
   quite highly of, for the past few months is located at:


Neither of these speak interactively out of the box, so text won't be
spoken automatically as it arrives. I'm not sure about using built-in
telnet, but the above client allows you to arrow around the buffer,
and thus works quite nicely. I am working to slowly speech-enable the
client, though I'm not having much luck, and since I'm new to
Elisp, I doubt I will anytime soon. :)

Anyhow, I hope one of these options works for you.

                                           Nolan Darilek
                                         ICQ UIN: 15709478

          "I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions --but I     |
                         don't always agree with them."
                  |              | |-George Bush, US President

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