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wrong number of arguments problem, I am stuck

 I have been trying to use emacspeak-8.0 with the braillenspeak server
from the emacspeak-ss-0.5 distribution.
I have RedHat linux 5.1 installed and run the emacs 20.2 with X11 that
comes with RedHat 5.1 as an rpm.  I have tried using the rpm
distribution of emacspeak-8 from redhat.com/pub/contrib and that
didn't work so I removed it and built my own emacspeak from the 8.0
tar.gz distribution.  I came up against the same problem once again.

When I run emacspeak the braillenspeak server loads up and tells me it
is a braillenspeak.  I can type characters and they are spoken and I
can review them using the cursor keys.  Anything else I have tried so
far has generated an error.  
I ran emacspeak from a dos terminal and found the following in the
screen capture buffer.

After emacspeak had loaded its modules the following appeared:
** message called with 3 arguments, but accepts only 1
  ** message called with 2 arguments, but accepts only 1
 *Compile-Log*      (Fundamental)--Bot-----------------------------------
I then tried for a directory so typed m-x dired and the following was
mMinibuf	Help  dired
Loading dired (compiled)...
Dired (directory): ~/

I then pressed return and got the following:
Loading timer (compiled)...Loading timer (compiled)...

Wrong number of arguments: #[(args)

I can run emacs from the same terminal and all the functions I have
tried work fine although the screen is a bit messy.

I have also tried using strace as suggested by Jim Van Zandt in his
TROUBLESHOOTING file for the speech servers.
I noticed this as line 3 of the file called log
13:10:29 open("/etc/ld.so.preload", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

I also did a strace when running just emacs and the same line came up
in log so I don't know if that is anything to do with the problem.

I also found the following in one of the other log files created by
13:11:25 write(1, "Wrong number of argum\33[Cnts: #[(args) \"\\300^Y\\302^[\\304^M!\\211^Q^V^F^N^G\\203-^@\33[1;33H\33[7mHelp   \t    ", 102) = 102

Maybe this is something obvious I have got wrong like a missing
component or something that more experienced blinuxer will be able to
tell me about.

Jim O'Sullivan

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