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Does EmacSpeak Track Highlights?

The answer is yes-- M-x term will give you a terminal that
does track the highlight and change voices accordingly.

Make sure the terminal type is set to vt100 inside the term
and try something like lynx.

I do find the assertion "dont tell me emacs has a mail
reader because I dont have a network" a bogus excuse --
Sean Murphy writes:
 > Hi Everyone.
 > I am a new user to EmacSpeak.  I have only had EmacSpeak installed for 2
 > weeks and have found it a very powerful tool.  Far better than using a
 > terminal.   But I have one question to ask the list.
 > If you have a program that uses Highlights to show the currently selected
 > option.  Does EmacSpeak track these highlights???  An example would be Elm
 > or Pine mail programs.  Before anyone tells me that EmacSpeak has a e-mail
 > program.  I do know that Emac does have a mail program.  I have not used it
 > yet, since I have not got my Redhat 5.1 connected to the Internet.
 > I need to know this information for another program that I want to test with
 > EmacSpeak.
 > Regards
 > sean.
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