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Re: Litetalk with Debian 2.0

Chevelle -

Early versions of the LiteTalk (before 4.20) did not have all the tone
commands, but yours is recent enough.  It should work the same as the
DoubleTalk that I test with.

I suspect the speech server is dying and getting restarted, due to
some incompatibility with that version of emacspeak.  Please try
emacspeak-ss from the Debian "unstable" section in place of
emacspeak-dt-tcl.  If that doesn't help, I would like for you to
record some strace logs.  The method is explained in the file
TROUBLESHOOTING in the source distribution, which you can get from the
blinux ftp server.  (I see I did not include it in the .deb file - an
error which I am correcting.)

		      - Jim Van Zandt

>Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:43:50 -0400
>From: Chevelle Strobel <cstrobel@crosslink.net>
>I have installed Jim Van Zandt's emacspeak-dt-tcl_1.2-1_all.deband =
>emacspeak_8.0-2_all.debpackages on a Debian 2.0 system. I can start =
>Emacs and hear the startup and it seems to work, but if I press the =
>arrow keys or other commands my synthesizer keeps saying its startup =
>message.  When the synthesizer is turned on and off it says Turbo =
>LiteTalk 4.32 ready.  It seems that the Emacspeak driver is sending a =
>reset to the synthesizer.  I can bring up the help for Emacspeak and =
>just start arrowing down through the buffer and this will happen =
>repeatedly.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix it?

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