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Notes on how to read tables with Emacspeak 8.0 and W3 4.0 beta

Having raised this topic on the mailing list recently, I thought it would
be worthwhile to explain briefly how Emacs 8.0 and W3 4.0 make it possible
to read tables effectively. I was unable to find documentation of this
feature in the Emacspeak manual, but, as always, Emacs itself provides
extensive internal documentation which is especially helpful in this case.

The sample table which T. V. Raman posted to the list recently, precisely
for this purpose, serves as an excellent starting point. Load it into W3
and then use c-h b to list the current Emacs key bindings. Among these you
will find commands specific to table navigation. For example, c-e cursor
right moves to the next column and reads the table cell in that column;
c-e left does the opposite of this, as one would expect; c-e up moves to
the previous cell in the current column, and is mirrored by c-e down; c-e
< moves to the start of the table, c-e > moves to the end of the table
(the last row), etc. The interface is straightforward and my description
here is merely stating the obvious. C-h b provides a full list of key

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