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Emacspeak use and mail

Bryan R. Smart writes:
I *never* download email to my laptop.

I have all incoming mail  filtered by procmail into separate
--messages that dont get filtered automatically --and the
ones that I therefore need to read first--
remain in my system mailbox.

I read mail from home by  re-attaching to the running emacs
session on my workstation and having it send the speech to
the remote speech server running on the laptop.

This has the added advantage of leaving all the data on the
network where it gets backed up--
as opposed to the laptop where backups are my
it also has the virtue of being very very efficient with
respect to band-width --so if there a 1mb message of which
you are going to read the first screenful the approach
outlined here causes you do bring over only the one
screenful worth of speech down the modem line to the laptop.
 > Hello everyone.
 > Previously, I was in a situation where I was using a single Linux workstation.  It made sense to read mail locally by fetching it from a POP3 server to my local inbox.  I could then read it inside Emacs with rmail or vm.
 > I want to be able to check mail from other places than my home or laptop.  It makes sense to read mail from an IMAP server, but I'm not sure of what my options are with regards to IMAP and Emacs.
 > Neither vm or rmail have internal support for IMAP.  The only programs that appear to have this capability are things like Pine.
 > I know that Raman for one makes use of his home machine with his workstation.  I suppose my question is primarily to him, but wondered if anyone else would have something to say on this point.
 > Raman, do you connect to the remote Emacs on your workstation and read mail there?  Do you fetch it to your laptop via POP3 and read it locally?
 > Anyone else in this situation?  How do you handle things?
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