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Emacspeak 9.0: Solaris Users *IMPORTANT*

This is a note for Solaris users of Emacspeak 9.0

I finally switched to a solaris machine on my desk (until
now I have run emacspeak remotely on solaris boxes).
As part of the switch, I made the dtk-exp server robust in
terms of recognizing solaris.

On the negative side, I discovered that there were about for
incompatible versions of stty floating around on solaris,
and depending on how things were installed at a given site,
you either got: /usr/bin/stty which behaved like stty on
linux and /usr/xpg4/bin/stty which behaves like the old
sunos 4 stty --or-- the exact opposite of the above.

Our network happens to fall in the latter category --which
means that /usr/bin/stty behaves like sunos4 in terms of
which direction the redirect operator points in the stty

What To Do:

New and existing users of Emacspeak should first run the
dtk-exp speech server outside  Emacspeak 9.0 from inside a shell
to first verify that it works on your solaris instal.  If it
starts up you're fine and you can upgrade to 9.0
immediately.  If /usr/bin/stty behaves differently than
here, then the dtk-exp script will throw an error and die;
if this happens, you need to change the ">" to "<" in the
solaris section of dtk-exp;


Best Regards,

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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are my own and in no way should be taken
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