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Re: 80x24, somthing to try...


I tried the `stty' command, and this allowed me to use `smitty'.  thanks!

>>>>> "GEP" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

GEP> Would someone who uses dosemu or some other program that requires the
GEP> 80x24 screen in an eterm please let me know what happens if after you
GEP> start the term you tell it that it has an 80x24 line window?  Do this
GEP> by typing at a command prompt in the term window:

GEP>    stty cols 80 rows 24

GEP> and check it with 

GEP>     stty size

GEP> The above commands should work for most flavors of unix and linux.

GEP> My guess is that the screen will "look" funny, but sound fine, you may
GEP> need to scroll up to get the top line, but perhaps the programs will
GEP> run this way.

GEP> Greg
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