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Re: more questions

> What about applications?  I can see, and so can my friend that Emacspeak
> will work well for email and web, but what about other applications?  For
> example, can you run pine?  Can you run other applications that are for
> Linux?  Do you have to stick to those applications that are within the
> package?  Like a mailer, I have used Pine for years on shell accounts and
> would like to continue doing so.  If Emacspeak will not allow me to do
> this, I'll have to learn a new mailer.  this isn't a problem except that it
> is inconvenient.


You dont understand what emacs (and emacspeak) is. emacs is not *just*
a text editor. emacs is a text editor with a full interface to the
operating system and a full programming environment
(emacs-lisp). there is almost *nothing* which cannot be done from
inside emacs.

you will find that emacspeak has a manual in GNU info format--and you
can get it in postscript or html if you prefer.

If you are using a particular distribution of Linux, you will find
that there is an installation/new-user guide; you should read this--as
it will give you some ideas about some of the uses to which Linux can
be put. The Linux Documentation Project http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP
also provides many good pieces of documentation.


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