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reading logs with emacspeak

I do a few things to make log navigation better.

I have some cron jobs that look for odditites in the logs with grep
and report these to me as mail messages, or page me if its realy

Using awk (I am sure it could be done with other tools) you can deal
with the date and time, the process involved and the message as three
seporate things, sort them as you like, order them as you like.  I
prefer ordering them by the process and putting the date at the end of
the line.  So, I take the date and time off the beginging of the line
and put it on the end of the line, then I sort the file, then read it.
(Not quite true, first I remove uninteresting lines, then do the

Of course, you could use your system logging to create seporate files
for differnt kinds of logs as well.

Your solution of cutting out the dates is interesting, couldn't you
then goto the same line number in the original file to find the date
in question?  Or could you just past the dates on to the end of the line?

 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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