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Re: First install experience

Jean Jordaan writes:
 > Oof!
 > Tomas, Bart, thanks a lot for the mbrola driver. After a trying
 > day during which I learned a lot the hard way, I have
 > emacspeak up and running on Jacques's computer. As far as 
 > Jacques is concerned, it compares favourably to what he's used
 > to under Windows. Of course, he doesn't have any experience of 
 > working with emacs yet. Neither do I. At the moment it feels as if
 > I'm struggling through a soup of obscurity. 

it'll probably feel like that for a while *grin* but the lurning curve is certainly worth it.
 > The driver works OK, but c-e c-s is necessary to revive it every now 
 > and then. It also seems to lose a word now and then, and some words 
yes, this is a bug, and will be fixed hopefully in the next release.
the next release, while it may be a while in arriving, will be a vast improvement over what we have at the moment.
 > are almost inaudible. "Appointment", for example. Compared to the 
this is an easy one.
i'll make a cleanup release in the next couple of days.  this is caused by a workarround that was necessary before when the dyphone matrix in the en1 database was not complete.
the oi sound isn't pronounced.
i thought i'd updated this one.
it'll be fixed soon.  thanks for pointing it out.
 > TEST/*.au files, the speech is a bit of a let-down, unsurprisingly. 
 > Am I right that the mbrola driver doesn't support speech-speeds, or 
 > different tones for caps etc?
speech speeds are certainly supported.
c-e d r to set them

 > Newbie-type frustrations at the moment: c-h i to read info from 
 > inside emacs just doesn't work, and neither does c-h F to read the 
 > faq. "info emacs" and "info emacspeak" from the commandline work 
 > fine. Are there perhaps some environment variables I'm not setting?
not shure what may be causing this one.
 > There aren't any auditory icons either, although I set the 
 > environment variable referred to in the Makefile 
 > (EMACSPEAK_PLAY_PROGRAM, I think, = na_play). I couldn't find splay 
 > on my system. If I cat them to /dev/audio, the icons work fine. (Not 
 > ring.au, though). (The fr2 database, also, is rejected by mbrola as 
the play program distributed with emacspeak should work fine.  sometimes when using mbrola-server with auditory icons, you will find they step on each others toes.
this also will be fixed when we move to using the network audio system again in a later release.  this will allow for the proper mixing of both speech and audio.
 > being too old).
 > more detail later, and thanks a lot again,
 > --jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\
no worries. > 


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