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starting emacspeak silently?

Hi all

What do I put in my .emacs to have emacspeak start silently? I want 
to be able to wake it with C-e C-s at any time. I tried (dtk-pause), 
but it didn't seem to help any. Perhaps because I'm using Mbrola 
instead of a Dectalk?

Now and then my emacspeak session crashes and good. Especially if 
I've been doing stuff quickly, like skipping through info doing 
searches. The keyboard locks up conclusively. When I kill -9 it from 
another tty, there is no keyboard echo, although it still registers 
my typing -- I can type "ls RET" to get a directory list. The output 
is scrambled, though -- it's as if no CR's are sent anymore, only 
NL's. And worst of all (I guess), when I logout on that terminal, 
typing backspace at the login prompt produces a ^H instead of 
deleting the previous character .. :(

--jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\

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