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I've been considering undertaking something like this for some time,
but quite frankly I don't have either the elisp experience or the UI
design experience to undertake this.

It seems that with the power of Emacspeak and elisp, many
difficult-to-use applications could be made to speak quite
nicely. I've been a Nethack fan for years, and played it quite often
under DOS. But, using an eterm is somewhat painful.

It seems to me that designing an Emacspeak extention for Nethack would
be possible, and would make the game much more playable. But, as I've
said, my experience in elisp is very limited, though I'm slowly
learning. Furthermore, I'm not sure how to best go about making the
text graphics of Nethack more user-friendly. Perhaps by describing
each "room" by taking major symbols' relative positions to the
character, but I'm not sure. :)

So, I'm curious, are any interested Elisp programmers willing to help
me with this? Perhaps some of us could put our heads together and try
to think up some way to speech-enable these games. Furthermore,
realtime games such as Sail may also be an interesting challenge,
though I'm not even sure how we could speech-enable something like
that, or if it is even possible.

Thoughts, anyone?


                                           Nolan Darilek
                                         ICQ UIN: 15709478

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                         don't always agree with them."
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