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advising w3 hotlists

P.S. the reason you hear no speech with your before advice
is probably because 
the speech gets flushed by some other event.

>>>>> "bart" == bart  <bart@socs.uts.edu.au> writes:

    bart> hi, i've been trying to get the hotlist commands
    bart> to speak in w3.

    bart> this little bit of advice doesn't work at all :(
    bart> it's suposed to anounce a prompt for
    bart> w3-hotlist-apropos.

    bart> (defadvice w3-hotlist-apropos (before emacspeak
    bart> pre act) "prompt for hotlist regexp."  (when
    bart> (interactive-p) (dtk-say "hotlist regexp?")  ))

    bart> if however you change it to be after advice, it
    bart> works fine.  although it is rather useless as it
    bart> anounces the prompt after you've already entered
    bart> the regexp and hit return.  can someone take a
    bart> look and see just why nothing is being spoken with
    bart> the before advice?

    bart> (defadvice w3-hotlist-apropos (after emacspeak pre
    bart> act) "prompt for hotlist regexp."  (when
    bart> (interactive-p) (dtk-say "hotlist regexp?")  ))

    bart> thanks.  Bart

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