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Re: Emacspeak, Slashdot and W3?

The w3 table browsing commands in emacspeak work reliably on
the slashdot site.
True, they abuse html tables to produce multicolumn layout;
but at least their tables appear to be programmitically
generated and are hence consistent.

Note that there is a new command (experimental and as yet
in emacspeak 9.0 that allows you to "focus " on the current
table cell --
the result is to display the text contents of the current
cell in a separate buffer.

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:

    Jason> The columns are almost certainly produced via the
    Jason> misuse of HTML table markup, and indeed, the
    Jason> table reading functions of Emacspeak (especially
    Jason> version 9.0) are intended to overcome this
    Jason> problem.  When inside a table, use c-h m to
    Jason> obtain a summary of the table reading commands.

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