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jde and speed bar

It was not emacspeak that died --it was emacs that died on
you when you loaded jde/speedbar.

There was a typo in the speedbar.el bundled with emacs 20.3
you need to get a working version from the authors WWW site.

>>>>> "Morgan," == Morgan, J MR DFL <gj8285@exmail.usma.army.mil> writes:

    Morgan,> Hello, I read in the emacspeak-8.0 news that
    Morgan,> speedbar and jde are speech enabled.  I
    Morgan,> installed jde from an rpm, but emacspeak died
    Morgan,> on me when I invoked it from another vc.  There
    Morgan,> was an error message that said something about
    Morgan,> a void function speedbar make keymap. I
    Morgan,> uninstalled the jde, and emacspeak works again.
    Morgan,> If you are using the jde with emacspeak, could
    Morgan,> you please tell me how you got them working.
    Morgan,> Thanks, John

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